Link Radar

Google Analytics link finder.

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Discover who is linking* to your website/blog/products
and what they are saying about you.

*based on your Google Analytics data

Link Radar reports new inbound links from other websites to your own site(s) based on your Google Analytics data. As soon as a website refers a visitor to you (and has never done so in the past) it will show up in Link Radar with the exact URL.

Link Radar is great for:

  • Knowing when somebody mentions your site in a blog post
  • Seeing when somebody reviews one of your products/apps and links to your site
  • Reaching out and engaging in the conversation
  • Static HTML websites with no trackback/pingbacks (e.g. Jekyll)

Manage up to 10 websites
Instead of logging in to Google Analytics by hand for each of your websites, Link Radar reports new links for each site automatically.

Making of Link Radar

Part 1: Mockups
Part 2: Developing the app