Watch a Mac app being made: Part 1 - Mockups

Developing a Mac app from scratch is a major undertaking. During the past couple of months, while working on Link Radar, I captured my screen every 3 seconds of activity to document the process of Link Radar coming to life.

About Link Radar

Link Radar is a Mac app to discover new inbound links to your website or blog to see what people around the web are saying about you, your site, or blog. It does this based on your Google Analytics data. More details on the Link Radar main page.

Time-lapse video of sketching the user interface

Below is part 1 showing me sketch out the details of the user interface. You can see how I add more and more details until, around 1:30 min, I start to simplify the interface again.

The following video was created out of 800 individual screenshots recorded over the course of 5 days.

Tools used to create the movie:

  • Custom screen capture utility
  • Custom utility to align and crop screen shots
  • Balsamiq Mockups for sketching the UI - it's awesome
  • Time-Lapse to create a continuous movie out of the still frames
  • ScreenFlow to produce the final video including text, transitions, and music

Download Link Radar demo:

You can download a fully functional demo of the app over here.

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