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    playing music from the web!
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Surf the web with your remote.

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Your good ol' Apple Remote can do sooo much more than just controlling iTunes.

Like browsing videos on YouTube.com, for example.

Or zapping through your playlist over at Grooveshark.com. You sitting on your couch, your Mac across the room — no need to get up just to skip a song.

Control YouTube with your Apple Remote


Millions of music videos, even feature length films, and yes, cat panda videos (don't ask).

Control Grooveshark with your Apple Remote


Find songs, queue them up, discover new ones based on what your already like. Simply awesome.

AudioBox.fm controlled with your Apple Remote


Want to keep your own music files in The Cloud and access them from anywhere? Here you go.

What the users say

this is nuts … i was just thinking how awesome it would be to be able to control net videos with my remote and then bam … here it is. works like a charm


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