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From chaos to an organized Desktop in no time.

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DesktopShelves helps you fight the clutter on your Desktop by organizing
files on shelves. A shelf the size of 5 icons holds 20 files.

Drag and drop

Drag & drop everywhere

Drop files from the desktop or Finder on shelves and from there into other apps.

Finder integration

Finder integration

Open any folder as a shelf on the desktop right from the Finder context menu.

Finder integration

Choose from different shelf designs

Use one of the built-in designs or download more from the design gallery.

Drop text contents

Works great with text snippets

Right-click and drag a file away from a shelf to paste its text contents.


Drop a text selection, get a new file

Found something on the web that you'd like to remember? Select, drop, done.


Access your shelves with a hotkey

No matter how many apps you have running, your shelves are always there.

What the users say

Thank you for a solid product, that I believe has the potential to be a "STANDARD" for every Mac owner!!


Very handy way to "tidy up" the desktop.


...extremely useful app for me when I'm doing health consults and need a file at-a-glance. DesktopShelves is such a great and ingenious application.


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