With big steps towards the official release: DesktopShelves 0.6.3 beta now available

It has been a while since the last DesktopShelves update. The new version comes with a lot of improvements and is a big step towards the first official release.

Before I get into the details about what is new in this version, let me first say a big Thank You! to everybody who submitted their feedback so far. So many people have contributed their ideas and suggestions. You're awesome!

Here's what's new:

Shelves are now always active

From this version on you can always hover over files and folders on your shelves, drag & drop items, no matter if the shelves are in the background or in the foreground. There is no need anymore for pressing the hotkey to activate the shelves before you can access the items on a shelf although you can still use the hotkey to have the shelves float above all other open windows. That's useful if you quickly want to open something on a shelf when you can't see your desktop.

This change is yet another step towards making the shelves "behave" like real shelves. Below is a screenshot that shows a selected item on a shelf that is in the background.

Shelf names are always visible by default

Another noticeable change: the shelf name (i.e. the name of the folder being displayed as a shelf) is now always visible. This makes it easy to tell you shelves apart. If you prefer to not show the shelf names while the shelves are in the background, you can configure this in the preferences window.

Refreshing a shelf when folder contents change

There's now a new context menu entry for each shelf that lets you refresh the shelf contents. This is useful if you add or remove files of a shelf folder directly in Finder. This is only a temporary feature until the official release which will detect changes automatically.

Release discount

Speaking of the official release: if you like DesktopShelves so far and you are considering to buy a license (once available), you can save a few $s by signing up to the Pre-Release Discount Mailing list here. Everybody on that list will receive an email with a discount coupon to buy DesktopShelves for $10 instead of $15 as soon as the official version of DesktopShelves is ready for purchase.


Full list of changes

  • New: Shelves are now always active, even when in background (thanks Mark, Regina, Reberhar).
  • New: You can now add new shelves directly from the status menu icon in the menubar (thanks Regina).
  • New: Added option to manually refresh shelf contents from shelf context menu (thanks Japh; eventually this will happen automatically).
  • New: Now shelf names are always visible by default when in foreground and in background (can be configured in preferences)
  • Improved: When moving the shelf, the currently selected item on the shelf is minimized.
  • Improved: Shelf highlight color now uses the system color for highlighted controls.
  • Improved: It is no longer possible to open the Desktop itself as shelf (thanks ignatz).
  • Fixed: Addressed scenario where selected item could be covered partially by another shelf.

How to I update DesktopShelves?

  1. Right/control click on any shelf to open the shelf context menu
  2. Select Check for Updates...
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