Text Selection Drag & Drop in DesktopShelves 0.9

A new week, a new release of DesktopShelves. This one is a follow-up for the "drag file contents" feature from last release completing the drag & drop cycle. Let's jump right in.

Text Selection Drag & Drop

Last time I showed you how you could drag and drop the contents of a file on your shelf into other applications. But what about the other way? Is it possible to drag text from an application like Mail.app, Safari, or TextEdit and drop it on a shelf? Well, now it is!

Just select text in any application, start dragging it and then drop it on one of your shelves. A new file named something like "text selection 1.txt" or "text selection 1.rtf" is then created with the contents of the text selection. This works for plain text and formatted text (including text with images).

This should make it even easier for you to organize frequently used text blocks, Mail signatures & templates, etc. on your shelves. Here's a short demo video.

Align Shelves with the new Snap-to-Shelf Feature

Having one shelf is nice, but many shelves are even better if only they would line up nicely on the Desktop. Here comes the Snap-to-Shelf feature. When you move a shelf around, it will now snap to the horizontal and vertical position of other shelves on the same screen.

Reveal the Shelf Folder in Finder

Another popular request: you can now reveal the shelf folder in Finder from the shelf context menu. Mike, Karim-Pierre, this one is for you.

Other Changes

Renaming the shelf folder? Not a problem. The shelf will update itself automatically even if you move the shelf folder.

Moving the shelf folder to the Trash? Say Goodbye to the shelf. It will go away automatically when you move the shelf folder to the Trash.

Oops. Removing a shelf when not all file thumbnails had been generated could cause DesktopShelves to crash. Not anymore. Thanks to "anonymous" for the crash report!

One more thing: Version 1.0 is almost here

This release will be the last version before the "official" 1.0. Again, big thank you to everybody who submitted feedback and suggestions and to those of you who showed your support by ordering a license through the pre-ordering process. The final price for DesktopShelves version 1.0 will be $15 USD (plus tax, if applicable). DesktopShelves is a small utility aiming to increase your productivity, but not getting in your way. $15 sounds like a fair price for such a tool.

How to I update?

Click on the status menu icon and select the "Check For Updates..." menu item.

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