TaskBadges v0.2 works with todotxt.com and TaskPaper style todo lists

A new version of the free utility app TaskBadges is available. In addition to the square brackets style, you can now add Finder badges with the number of open tasks to files generated by these two plain-text task management apps:

  • todotxt.com - (website) - Collection of shell scripts to manage your tasks from the command line
  • TaskPaper - (website) - Did this one start it all? No idea, but its a pleasure to use!

TaskPaper todo list styles

Below are examples of the new task list styles.

todotxt.com style

An open task is simply a line of text x Completed tasks start with 'x' or 'X' x That simple

TaskPaper style

Can include notes like this. - Open tasks start with a single dash - Completed tasks contain the @done tag

Square brackets style (since v0.1)

- [ ] An open task - [x] A completed task

You can download TaskBadges here.

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