Shelf Design Contest and a New DesktopShelves Release

If you know your way around an image editor such as Pixelmator, Photoshop, or Gimp here's a challenge for you:

Design a shelf for DesktopShelves and submit it to the Shelf Design Contest for a chance to win an iPod shuffle (best design) or one of 10 free licenses for DesktopShelves (random drawing).

Submissions are accepted until Sunday, Oct. 23rd. BIG Thank you! to for helping organizate the contest.

What's new in DesktopShelves version 1.4?

This version comes withe top three requested features:

  1. Adjustable shelf sizes
  2. Adjustable space between shelf items
  3. Sortable shelves
  4. Bonus: drag and drop between shelves

A few people had reported problems where DesktopShelves once in a while would stop responding ("beach ball syndrome"). This should be fixed now, too.

Below are a few impressions of the new features.

How to update DesktopShelves

  • Mac App Store users: launch the App Store and check the toolbar under "Updates".
  • If you downloaded DesktopShelves from the website: click on the DesktopShelves icon in the menubar (or bring up the shelf context menu) and select Check for Updates...

If you do not have the app installed, you can download DesktopShelves here.

Sortable shelves

Adjustable space between shelf items

Adjustable shelf sizes

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