New version with Quick Look integration

Quick Look integration is finally here! Regina, Rémi, Christophe, Barry, Joao, Yohmi, and Jon, this one's for you.

Quick Look in DesktopShelves 1.2

To activate Quick Look click once on any item on a shelf. Clicking a second time will close the Quick Look window. Just like in Finder you can also press Space or ⌘-Y.

A double clicking still launches the file, no change there.

Hyperactive shelf items? No more!

This version also comes with a usability improvement that you probably won't notice right away unless I point it out. However, once you are aware of it, you will love it!

Up until now shelf items were very eager to please. As soon as you moved the mouse cursor across a shelf the item under the cursor would jump up, ready for you to click it. Once the cursor left the shelf the items would minimize again.

However, if all you wanted to do was move the cursor from one end of the screen to the other only accidentally crossing a shelf, the items would still jump up and minimize right away resulting in flickering on the screen.

This version solves that problem. Give it a try! Move you mouse quickly across a shelf – the items won't jump up and down.

Short demo video

How do I update DesktopShelves?

Click on the DesktopShelves icon in the menubar (or bring up the shelf context menu) and select Check for Updates...

If you do not have the app installed, you can download DesktopShelves here.

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