New Drag and Drop Features in DesktopShelves 0.8

DesktopShelves 0.8 came with quite a few changes and a couple of new features. One of those new features is the ability to drag and drop files from the shelves directly into other applications such as, TextEdit, and Pages. This works exactly the same way as if you would drag and drop the file from Finder so it works across applications.

Templating made easy with Content Drag & Drop

The second new feature is the ability to drag and drop the contents of a file into another application. Imagine this: you have a text file on your shelf and you drag and drop it into a new email. will insert the file as message attachment.

However, if you use the right mouse button (or hold use the left mouse button and hold the Control key) to initiate dragging the file from the shelf, you will drag the contents. If you drop those into an email, will insert the contents of the text file.

This works for images, all text files (including source code files such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.), rich text files (.rtf + .rtfd), and images.

Below is a short demo of the new features in action.

Let me know what you think of the new drag and drop features, or even better, record a video how you use them and reply to the demo video on

By the way, the raspberry ones where the most delicious ;)

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