Link Radar: Monitor the web for new links to your site

Link Radar is the latest addition to the Kitestack app family. It tells you who is linking to your website or blog and what people are saying about you.

Imagine somebody writes about one of your products on their site, one of your apps gets featured on a major review-site, or a blogger responds to one of your posts with a follow-up post on his own blog. Wouldn't you want to know about that?

That's what Link Radar is for. The app tells you about new inbound links from other websites to your own site(s) based on your Google Analytics data. When another website sends a visitor to your site (and has not done so previously) it gets listed in Link Radar and a single click on the link takes you to the page that mentioned your site.

Below is a screenshot of Link Radar in action.

Link Radar Main Screen

Feel free to also download the demo version.

Download Link Radar

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