Huge Usability Improvements in DesktopShelves 0.6.2

Big changes in this new version of DesktopShelves! You won't see them from just looking at your shelves, but you will notice right away once you try to drop a file from your desktop on a shelf. All the "dead" space around the shelves (the semi-transparent area visible when you click above the shelf) is gone! It is hard to describe with words, below is a video to demonstrate the change.

Here the full list of changes in version 0.6.2 beta:

  • New: Realistic shelves: shelves now only intercept mouse clicks on visible areas (removed the "dead" space above shelf board that wouldn't let you click on Finder icons)
  • New: Play sound when moving a file to a shelf fails
  • Improved: Name of selected file/folder is now always visible (thanks Terry and Reberhar)
  • Improved: The button in the "Open Folder as Shelf" dialog is now labeled "Open as Shelf" for more clarity
  • Fixed: Removed file/folder would reappear as white icon after changing shelf size
  • Fixed: Now shows info message when shelf source folder was renamed/moved/deleted

How do I update?

  1. Bring the shelves to the front (with the control+minus hotkey or from the status menu icon)
  2. Right/control click on the shelf to open the shelf context menu
  3. Select Check for Updates...

As always, comments and feature requests are highly welcome!

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