DesktopShelves Version 0.6.1 Beta Released

A new version of DesktopShelves is available. The biggest change is in how to add new shelves. As it turns out, the old way of adding a new shelf (creating a new, empty shelf and dropping a folder on it) was too confusing for people. The problem was that the action of dropping a folder on a shelf had two different meanings: for an empty shelf it would display the contents of that folder otherwise it would move the folder into the folder previously dropped on the shelf. Hard to explain, hard to figure out without reading a manual -- hence it had to change.

With the new version, you can add a new shelf by selecting the folder to display as a shelf using the familiar File-Open Dialog. Big Thank You! to Tod for the inspiration for a new tagline:

Display any folder as a shelf on your Mac's Desktop.

Let me know what you think of the new tagline!

Here the complete list of changes.

  • New: New shelves are now added by selecting an existing folder via the standard File-Open dialog
  • New: Added status icon to menubar
  • Improved: Adjusted shelf window level to "floating window"
  • Fixed: Show error dialog when moving file on a shelf that is on a different volume
  • Fixed: Shelves now properly displayed behind icons on desktop when sending shelf to background
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