DesktopShelves leaves Beta - Custom shelf designs and new app icon

It is my great pleasure to announce that DesktopShelves is now officially out of Beta. Version 1.0 comes with a brand new app icon and, among others, three of the most requested features:

  1. The ability to drop multiple files on a shelf at once
  2. Adjustable shelf width by dragging either end of a shelf
  3. Custom shelf designs

But that's not all. DesktopShelves comes with a total of 7 new features, 4 usability improvements, and 3 addressed issues (full details below).

Download DesktopShelves v1.0

Starting with this version, DesktopShelves comes as a 14-day demo version with all new features activated. At any time you can purchase the full license in the store. For those of you who took advantage of the pre-order discount you are all set – your license will be recognized just fine.

Your chance to win a free license: show off the new shelf designs

To celebrate the new release we are giving away 10 free licenses to the first people (one per person) who submit a screenshot of their desktop organized with DesktopShelves! Head over to the DesktopShelves User Gallery for the full details on how to participate.

Full list of changes

  • Adjust shelf width by dragging left or right end of shelf
  • You can now select multiple files and drop them onto a shelf
  • Choose from 5 built-in shelf designs
  • You can now drop more items on the shelf even if the shelf is full
  • Visual feedback if dropping on shelf is not allowed
  • All shelf items are now aligned with the shelf (no more floating items)
  • Beautiful new application icon
  • First and last shelf item won't minimize while cursor is still over them
  • Disallowed dropping of system folders on a shelf (you don't want to move those)
  • Removed the shelf label action button
  • Shelf label now of same size as Finder labels
  • Addressed possible crash when removing shelf with not all thumbnails created
  • Right-click on shelf label now also opens shelf context menu
  • Shelf can now be dragged by label on first click

How do I upgrade?

Click on the DesktopShelves icon in the menubar (or bring up the shelf context menu) and select Check for Updates...

If you do not have the app installed, you can download DesktopShelves here.

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