The DesktopShelves 1.3.4 Beta is out!

The number one feature request for DesktopShelves was adjustable shelf sizes. This version of DesktopShelves brings you exactly that along the with second most requested feature: sortable shelves.

While we're at it, how about drag and drop between shelves and adjustable space between shelf items? You got it. Those are the four major changes in the new version, but there's actually quite a lot that has changed deep inside the application to make it work better.

A few people had reported problems where DesktopShelves once in a while would stop responding ("beach ball syndrome"). This should be fixed now, too.

If you'd like to try out the new features, you can download the beta below. Please let me know if the smaller sizes work for you (especially if you use a MacBook Air).

DesktopShelves 1.3.4 beta

One thing: after you've downloaded the beta, make sure you move the old version of DesktopShelves to the Trash before you launch the new version. Otherwise you may end up with two "Open as Shelf" Finder menu entries.

Here a few impressions of the new features in action.

Sortable shelves

Adjustable space between shelf items

Adjustable shelf sizes

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