Lots of new features in Desktop Groups version 1.3

Based on lots and lots of user feedback, this new version of Desktop Groups comes with many new features and improvements. Most notably: two-line file names, auto-updating preview icons, and the ability to rename files from within groups. Thank you for everybody who took the time to get in touch with suggestions!

Here the complete list of changes:

  • New: Two-line file names
  • New: Auto-updating groups (when files are added, renamed, moved, etc.)
  • New: Renaming files and folders by pressing Enter
  • New: Move files to Trash (via context menu, drag to Trash, Command - Backspace)
  • New: Command - O now opens the selected file
  • Improved: Groups now don't overlap desktops in Mission Control
  • Improved: Esc key clears the selection
  • Improved: When closing a group, files are moved to Desktop automatically
  • Improved: group windows now always remain inside the visible area of the screen
  • Improved: "Desktop Groups" folder can now be moved through Finder

How to update?

You can update via the Mac App Store.

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